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Remote Work

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Combine the beauty with the necessary

«Remote Work» is not something new, but it`s true that it’s becoming more common due to the current situation and the digitalization of jobs. It has gone from being a benefit offered by some companies to allow their employees to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle to becoming the norm for most companies around the world, right now.

This lifestyle has become quite accessible to everyone and doesn’t have to be reduced to a makeshift desk in some room in our house. It’s an opportunity to explore new places, such as Conil de la Frontera, where you can improve your quality of life and enjoy everything it has to offer. An idyllic, paradisiacal place full of history with its pleasant Atlantic climate, its people, its tranquility and of course, its fantastic gastronomy.

Why work from Conil de la Frontera?

If there is a magical place in Spain, it‘s undoubtedly Conil de la Frontera. Surrounded by incredible beaches and natural corners where you can find inspiration. The white town by the Atlantic, known for its sense of freedom, exudes a calm and freedom that very few people can resist.

Everything you have heard about the benefits of remote work can be experienced in Conil de la Frontera. This idyllic destination is perfect for water sports, boosting creativity, productivity, and overall happiness. Conil de la Frontera has so many possibilities that you will surely find the perfect place to develop your activity, especially if what you are looking for is quality of life and happiness.

With many kilometers of white sand beaches, beautiful coves and pine forests, you will feel away from the stress and noise of the city, and much more connected with yourself and with everything around you.

You will be able to work in an apartment, a house or a dream villa together with friends, with your work team or with your family, and also be able to carry out other activities that you are passionate about, such as water sports, excursions or simply enjoying a relaxing swim at the beach just a few minutes away. This is the perfect option if you want to change your daily scenario from time to time, while continuing to work.

What do our properties offer you?

Located in different areas of Conil de la Frontera, the properties we offer are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a perfect stay and carry out your work normally.

Our properties have desks, office chairs, a stable Wi-Fi connection and optimal coverage in order to facilitate your day-to-day work tasks without any difficulty in attending virtual meetings, video conferences or video calls that guarantee the development of your work activity.

In addition to all this, benefit from 20% discount for long stays during the months of November to March.

The great opportunity to work remotely

We definitely believe that working remotely allows for more flexibility and autonomy for employees. New technologies keep people connected and allow them to have meetings and complete projects from anywhere at any time.

Also, having the opportunity to spend time in a new country or city, work there and develop habits and routines as if you were a local, will be one of the most enriching experiences you will have and you should try it at least once in your life.

While it seems like you’re still connected to your daily routine at work, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world around you if you take that learning home or wherever you decide your next home will be.